Sonic Superstars Showcases New Villain in Upcoming Game

Sonic Superstars New Villain Trip
Sonic Superstars New Villain Trip

The Japanese video game developer Sega and its internal Sonic Team studio have disclosed further particulars regarding the newest villain in their forthcoming platform game Sonic Superstars, an armadillo named Trip. She will be collaborating with the notorious Dr Eggman and the weasel mercenary Fang the Hunter to antagonise Sonic and friends in this nostalgic 2D side-scroller for modern consoles.

Diverging from other contemporary entries in the enduring franchise, Sonic Superstars emphasises speedy gameplay reminiscent of the initial 16-bit Sega Genesis titles. Moreover, it inaugurates four-player cooperative multiplayer, enabling gamers to simultaneously control the iconic heroes Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles through zany obstacles and loop-de-loops.

The Introduction of the Mysterious Trip

Trip marks her dramatic debut in the Sonic mythos as part of the troublesome trio opposing the protagonists. The new rogue is envisioned by Naoto Ohshima, Sonic’s original character designer responsible for the blue blur’s distinctive aesthetic in 1991. Ohshima now presides over Arzest, the Japanese studio collaborating with Sonic Team on Superstars.

Sonic Superstars Trip

As a tribute to the Genesis days, Superstars showcases retro incarnations of cherished characters like the villainous Dr Eggman and Fang the Hunter, who last appeared in 1995’s Sonic Triple Trouble. Following years of cameos, Fang finally returns to the games proper alongside Trip, described by director Takashi Iizuka as the “third member” of the antagonistic gang.

Trip’s Origins and Design Details Revealed

In an interview with Game Informer, Iizuka expounded how Trip was jointly created by Sonic Team and Ohshima at Arzest. Her introduction balances out the dynamic between the seasoned Eggman and returning Fang. Visually, Ohshima and Iizuka iteratively developed Trip’s futuristic armoured design derived from the Ouroboros symbol. Her distinctive tail and helmet evoke a “sungazer lizard,” although in Japanese terminology she is classified as an “armoured lizard”.

Unlike planetary threats from past entries, Iizuka characterised Trip as a feeble and disoriented fledgling villain still discovering her capabilities. Reportedly, Amy assists Trip in escaping a stage early in the game, suggesting an anti-heroic side beneath the armour. As Superstars unfolds, her transformation into a formidable rogue remains consistent with the minimalist storytelling of retro Sonic titles.

Early glimpses of Trip provoked fan speculation about her potentially playable status or role upending Eggman and Fang. However, concrete details remain unconfirmed pending the game’s release. For now, she represents a fresh enigma who may develop in unanticipated directions.

Sonic Superstars is set to debut in Autumn 2023, making its way to prominent platforms such as Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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