Skate Test Map Leak Offers First Look at Franchise Reboot

Skate Reboot Map leaks

Skate Revival Playtest Map Leaks, Teasing Streets and Multiplayer Potential.

Skate Reboot Map leaks

Eager fans scraped together fresh details on EA’s revived Skate franchise courtesy of a leaked playtest map this week. The glimpse showcases urban streets and multiplayer potential for the series restarting as a live service game. But the snippet only begins painting a picture of the full experience.

Skate ruled extreme sports gaming through the 2000s with its meticulous controls and physics. But the series sat dormant for over a decade since 2010’s Skate 3 as genre popularity declined.

That changed in 2020 when EA announced a new free-to-play Skate was in development exclusively for PC and consoles. This refocused reboot targets modern platforms and business models.

Details remained scarce over two years on until the anonymous playtest map emerged online. It reveals a small network of city streets and landmarks like bus stops. Player location icons also populate the minimal preview. This is all courtesy of Letstalkgaming on social networking site X/Twitter.

Map Likely Small Section of Larger Open World Space

The excerpted urban environment naturally suits skating with roads linking presumed parks and plazas. A large structure resembling a mall sits on the right edge, promising ample rails and stairs indoors.

Yet this narrow glimpse likely represents a fraction of the full open world. A severed bridge implies wider connectivity beyond the tight test snippet.

Seeing other players embedded into the map substantiates Skate’s pivot to ongoing live service multiplayer. Grup skating and community creation appear central to the revival.

Fans have awaited concrete progress on Skate for years since its announcement. This sliver of a play space at least confirms EA’s new Full Circle Studio has boot-on-board fundamentals rolling.

Skate Test Map Leak

But with development ongoing for over two years now, expectations heighten for more tangible details. The playtest map whets the appetite for greater world scale, content and customisation peeks.

EA Play showcases seem a prime venue to showcase more Skate content to fans. For now, devotees clamour for further glimpses at the lumbering franchise’s reawakening.

Yet despite its limited scope, even this slim street section rekindles hope that Skate can regain its former glory. The long-awaited revival appears to be grinding into form behind closed doors. But the time for transparency seems nigh to win back once bitten, twice shy fans.

Skate is currently in development.

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