Skate 4 to undergo console playtests in the future

Skate 4
Skate 4
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Electronic Arts and Full Circle, the developer of Skate, have given an update on the highly anticipated Skate 4, revealing the activities players can expect to engage in when the game finally launches. Despite being still deep in development and playtesting, the new Skate, which absolutely everyone is calling Skate 4, is confirmed to have console playtesting coming up, indicating some progress has been made. The latest episode of The Board Room gave us another look at the game, however, there is still no official release date as of this writing.

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First New Glimpses Of Gameplay

On Thursday, Full Circle unveiled new glimpses of “pre-pre-alpha gameplay” from the upcoming Skate game and detailed the activities players can engage in while traversing through the city of San Vansterdam. The developers revealed various activity types, including Challenges, which are described as brief solo experiences that rotate periodically, Pop-ups, cooperative dynamic events, Community Events that feature large groups of skaters, and Throwdowns, user-generated and adaptable activities where players can gather, compete, and cooperate. Interestingly, the developers mentioned that Skate’s activities are not limited to “our reality,” so players should expect some bizarre experiences.

The developers also talked about different types of Challenges in Skate, such as climbing challenges that take advantage of vertical spaces that are skateable, and group-activity games like Tag.

The team behind Skate introduced a new term, “flumping,” which refers to a combination of flicking and jumping off the board. This term implies a focus on urban platforming and exploration outside of direct skating.

Developers from Full Circle reiterated that their approach to Skate will be a constantly evolving and expanding game, with a heavy emphasis on progression and reward systems. They emphasised that players should anticipate new content and experiences every day, week, or season, highlighting the game’s dynamic and evolving nature.

Still No Release Date

The announcement of the new Skate came in 2020 after an extensive fan campaign for its development. In 2021, Electronic Arts revealed the team responsible for creating the new game, which will be available on both PC and consoles, although the specific consoles are still unknown. The leading role in Full Circle is held by Daniel McCulloch, who formerly served as a general manager of Xbox Live at Microsoft, while Deran Chun and Chris “Cuz” Parry have been appointed as creative leaders for Skate.

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