Shenmue Creator Yu Suzuki Hints at a New Game

Yu Suzuki Desires to Make Shenmue 4
Yu Suzuki Desires to Make Shenmue 4

Renowned Japanese game developer Yu Suzuki has revealed in a recent interview that he and his studio YS Net have begun work on an all-new game project. This news comes even as his studio prepares to launch Air Twister on consoles next month.

Suzuki discussed the in-development game during an interview with IGN Japan at the Tokyo Game Show. He was at the event to promote the upcoming console port of Air Twister, which originally launched on Apple Arcade. The interview provided an update on YS Net’s future plans.

Shenmue 4 Could Happen Eventually Per Creator

It has been nearly 4 years since Suzuki’s last major release, Shenmue 3 in 2019. So fans of his iconic action-adventure series have hoped YS Net’s new game might be Shenmue 4. However, when asked directly about Shenmue’s future, Suzuki reiterated his desire to finish protagonist Ryo Hazuki’s story but explained he is still waiting for the right timing.

Of course, if a Shenmue sequel was in active development, Suzuki likely wouldn’t reveal that just before Air Twister’s console debut. So while anything is possible down the road, this new project seems to be something else entirely for the time being. Additional details likely won’t emerge until after Air Twister’s launch.

Air Twister comes out November 10th on current and last-gen consoles after first releasing on Apple Arcade. The arcade-style shooter is considered a spiritual successor to Suzuki’s 1985 game Space Harrier. The Switch version was demoed at TGS and drew crowds, indicating strong interest in Suzuki’s retro-inspired creations.

Shenmue IV News

Given Air Twister’s genesis as an homage to his early arcade classics, speculation is that Suzuki’s mysterious new game may also reimagine one of his past projects like OutRun, Hang-On, or After Burner. When speaking with IGN Japan, he expressed interest in potentially compiling some of those arcade experiences. That could provide another hint about his team’s focus.

Between last year’s Air Twister and this unknown new project in the works, the legendary Yu Suzuki is clearly still driven to push his creativity in exciting new directions while occasionally revisiting his roots. His upcoming console release proves there is an audience eager to support his current vision. Wherever his imagination takes him next, his millions of fans around the world are sure to follow.

For now, the gaming icon remains characteristically coy about unveiling his full hand too soon. But the news that fresh experiences from Suzuki are on the horizon will spark much speculation and anticipation within the industry. Air Twister’s impending console launch marks merely the start of another productive era for this pioneering developer.

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