Back With a Vengeance: Max Payne Remakes Announced By Remedy

Max Payne drinking in a bar
Max Payne drinking in a bar

Key Highlights:

  • Remedy’s remake of Max Payne 1 and 2 has entered full production readiness stage
  • The remakes are being developed in partnership with Rockstar Games using Remedy’s Northlight engine
  • Max Payne 1+2 Remake will combine both games in one package for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
  • Control 2 remains in early proof-of-concept stage with more progress on key elements slated
  • Alan Wake 2 expansions will likely push Max Payne 1+2 Remake release into 2024 or beyond

Remedy’s Max Payne Remakes Enter Major Milestone

Remedy Entertainment has announced its full remake of classic action games Max Payne and Max Payne 2 has now reached the production readiness phase. The project, done in collaboration with Grand Theft Auto publisher Rockstar Games, will package both titles in one release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

In a development update, Remedy said the Max Payne remakes have achieved clarity on scope and style elements along with a well-organised team driving work forward. The studio expressed excitement in the project’s continued progress and future success.

Max Payne Running Through A Corridor

The original titles revolutionised the shooter genre with their graphic novel noir style and innovative slow-motion bullet time mechanic. Remedy is utilising its proprietary Northlight game engine used for Control and Alan Wake 2 to rebuild the remakes from the ground up for modern platforms.

Meanwhile, Control 2 remains in the early proof-of-concept stage as Remedy focuses on nailing down key gameplay and design elements before ramping up full development. The sequel plans are said to be ambitious and progress has been promising thus far.

Remedy’s comments indicate Max Payne 1+2 Remake is their next major release on the horizon following recent survival horror sequel Alan Wake 2. However, with two Alan Wake 2 expansions occupying the studio’s resources through 2023, the remakes may not see launch until 2024 at the earliest.

Remaking Max Payne a Joint Remedy and Rockstar Effort

Max Payne 3 Gameplay - Getting Cover Behind a Block

The original Max Payne titles were the result of collaboration between Remedy and Rockstar, with Remedy handling development and Rockstar publishing and marketing the titles. The latter subsequently developed 2012 threequel Max Payne 3 internally.

For the remakes, the two companies have forged a new publishing agreement with Rockstar financing the project and Remedy overseeing development. Rockstar’s involvement ensures painstaking care will be taken adapting the landmark shooters that helped establish the studio’s reputation.

Bringing the neo-noir third-person shooter’s gritty graphic novel storytelling into a modern engine marks a homecoming for Remedy to the series that launched their success. While known today for cinematic adventures like Control and Quantum Break, Max Payne established many of the developer’s narrative innovations.

Remedy has not revealed full details on how exactly the gameplay may evolve in the remakes. Last month they revealed that the games would be a big project.

However, the studio’s recent titles provide a blueprint for enhancing gunplay, movement and other mechanics while preserving the core spirit.

Overall, the NYPD Detective’s return under the joint custodianship of its original developer and publisher promises an exciting reimagining.

The remakes are currently in development.

Source – IGN

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