Alan Wake 2’s First Major Patch Addresses Technical Issues

Alan Wake 2 - Two Lead Characters Running Through Forest
Alan Wake 2 - Two Lead Characters Running Through Forest

Key Highlights:

  • Alan Wake 2 has received its first major patch across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms to fix bugs and technical issues
  • The patches focus on resolving undisclosed bugs, graphical issues, and audio cutting out problems
  • Developer Remedy Entertainment is gathering player feedback to improve technical aspects in future updates
  • A New Game+ mode, free DLC drops, and two paid story expansions are planned for Alan Wake 2’s post-launch support
  • Alan Wake 2 has collaborated with Finnish fashion brand Makia on a streetwear collection inspired by the game

Alan Wake 2 Patch Addresses Early Issues in Survival Horror Sequel

PlatformVersionPatch Notes
PC1.0.6– Bugfixes – Localisation fixes – Significantly friendlier error message when third-party software stops the game from starting.
PlayStation 51.00.05– Bugfixes – Localisation fixes
Xbox Series1.0.0.4– Bugfixes – Fixed multiple visual issues – Fixed multiple UI-related issues – Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in interacts and not exit

Remedy Entertainment has rolled out the first major patch for its recently launched survival horror sequel Alan Wake 2. The patch aims to address a range of technical issues and bugs that marred the initial release across Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms.

While critical reviews praised Alan Wake 2’s spooky atmosphere and compelling narrative, many cited immersion-breaking glitches and bugs that hampered the experience. Specific complaints included case wall items for protagonist Saga Anderson bugging out and game-breaking issues like black screens blocking progress.

In response, Remedy has pushed out sizeable day one patches for all versions. The Xbox update ( tackles unspecified bugs and graphical problems, while the PC patch (1.0.6) provides more detailed error messaging when third-party apps obstruct launching. The PlayStation 5 patch (1.00.05) focuses on undisclosed bug fixes like the others.

Remedy stated that it is proactively gathering player feedback to address further technical problems and smooth out the gameplay. The team acknowledged an audio cutting out bug on Xbox consoles that is slated for an upcoming fix. These early patches represent the first steps toward improving the survivial horror’s polish.

Alan Wake 2 - Saga Anderson in Diner

Beyond fixes, Remedy outlined exciting post-launch content roadmaps for Alan Wake 2 spanning free updates, paid expansions, and new modes. A New Game+ mode will enable players to carry over upgraded weapons to a fresh playthrough with alternate narrative paths at higher difficulties.

Additionally, two major narrative expansions called Night Springs and Lake House are planned as paid DLC drops. Remedy says free DLC updates will also introduce meaningful new content to extend the experience. More details on exact release timing and features will come later.

Alan Wake 2 Collaboration Brings Nightmarish Fashion Collection

Bright Falls T-Shirt

On the merchandising front, Alan Wake 2 has teamed up with leading Finnish streetwear brand Makia for a new fashion collection inspired by the game’s creepy cult themes. The stylish line features clothes and accessories drawing from the ominous lore of the survival horror’s world and antagonistic Cult of Tree.

Makia said the collaboration taps into the “eerie and unsettling feel of a small town with a big secret” found in Alan Wake 2. Clothing and items exhibit the cult’s symbolic emblems and deer masks worn by antagonists. The pieces evoke a mood fitting the disturbing rituals and practices of the cult.

The full collection which can be found on their official site, encompasses t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and bags for both men and women with a minimalist aesthetic and muted earth tones. Prices range from €34 for a simple t-shirt up to €179 for a premium crewneck sweater. International shipping is available directly through Makia’s online store.

While Alan Wake 2 branding on apparel is not new, this Makia collection stands out for delving deeper into the sinister folklore elements rather than surface iconography. There are clothing that represents characters, as well as the locations in the game like Bright Falls and Dark Place.

For fashion-focused fans of the creepy title’s dark storytelling, the collaboration offers stylish everyday wear and accessories to showcase their passion.

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The streetwear capsule provides another outlet for Remedy to capitalise on the game’s distinct horror themes and build buzz through lifestyle partnerships. As gaming merch collabs proliferate, the Makia line represents a tactful translation of the game’s disturbing mystique into wearable garments. For devoted followers of the macabre saga, donning the cult’s ominous apparel deepens the immersive experience.

Alan Wake 2 is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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