Remedy Previews New Alan Wake 2 Soundtrack

Remedy Details Alan Wake 2 Chapter Songs Tracklist
Remedy Details Alan Wake 2 Chapter Songs Tracklist

Developer Remedy Entertainment has announced a collaboration with Finnish music company Fried Music to create an album titled Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs tied to their upcoming horror sequel.

The compilation features 7 original tracks crafted to complement the game’s story and atmosphere. The first single, “Follow You into the Dark” by artists Rakel and Fried Music, is available now on major streaming platforms including Apple music.

7-Song Compilation Created with Fried Music

YouTube video

Additional details have also been revealed about the full Alan Wake 2 soundtrack album. It will contain the following songs when it releases alongside the game on October 27th:

  • “Dark, Twisted, and Cruel” – Paleface
  • “Follow You into the Dark” – Rakel
  • “Lost at Sea” – Jean Castel
  • “Night Springs” – Keira
  • “No One Left to Love” – Roos + Berg
  • “Superhero” – Mougleta
  • “Wide Awake” – Jaimes

Making Of Video Chronicles Creative Process

YouTube video

A behind-the-scenes “Making Of” video was also shared, chronicling the creative process for Chapter Songs between Remedy and Fried Music. It provides a look at how the musical collaboration came together in service of the game’s dark story.

According to Remedy’s Creative Director Sam Lake, music plays a significant role in Alan Wake 2’s narrative delivery and environmental storytelling. The custom composed tracks aim to enhance the overall experience and mystery. Partnering with homegrown Finnish musicians and artists was important for bringing local culture to international audiences through a major game release.

Recently, it was revealed that performance mode would be coming to the upcoming survival horror title for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles. The hype around the game is at an all-time high thanks to a special Gamescom showcase that gave us the first big trailer.

The Alan Wake 2: Chapter Songs album represents a unique fusion of gaming and music artistry. All 7 songs were built from the ground up specifically for the title, with lyrics and moods designed to fit into Alan Wake 2’s world in collaboration with Remedy’s creative team. The tracks set tone, provide clues, and tie directly into the plot at key moments.

Alan Wake 2 The Dark Place Subway Gameplay Screen

Having original music so intrinsically connected to a game is still relatively rare. Remedy’s commitment to tailoring an entire album alongside Alan Wake 2 demonstrates their ambition to have every artistic element reinforce the disturbing story players will uncover.

While “Follow You into the Dark” kicks off the full soundtrack rollout, the rest of Chapter Songs will remain under wraps until the game’s launch day. Fans can likely expect the music’s dark textures to mirror the haunting atmosphere the franchise is known for.

By partnering with Fried Music and hometown Finnish talent, Remedy strengthens the survival horror title’s cultural footprint. The collaboration shows how gaming and music can elevate each other as interactive mediums. As a famous writer himself in the game’s story, Wake would undoubtedly approve.

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With the first taste of Chapter Songs out ahead of the full album, Remedy has provided a brooding background score for fans to anxiously await the game’s impending arrival.

Alan Wake 2 spooks its way to Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 27th.

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