Performance Mode Coming to Alan Wake 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Alan Wake 2 Oceanview Hotel Gameplay
Alan Wake 2 Oceanview Hotel Gameplay

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed upcoming survival horror Alan Wake 2 will include a performance mode option when it launches on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 this fall. The feature will provide players a choice between prioritising visual fidelity or smoother gameplay on capable hardware.

Remedy communications director Thomas Puha revealed the performance mode in a recent post on social media, though specifics are still being finalised. He stated the psychological horror sequel was developed targeting 30 FPS for a more cinematic feel.

The addition of a performance mode will allow those preferring higher frame rates to experience Alan Wake 2’s eerie story with enhanced responsiveness and fluidity. Players can tailor the visual experience to their priorities.

Lets Players Prioritise Gameplay Smoothness Over 4K

Including performance modes has become an increasing trend in console games allowing customisation between visual splendor and playback smoothness. Popular battle royale title Fortnite made this a big trend when pro players would turn on performance mode to stop lagging and have a more competitive advantage in tournaments. Some favour pristine 4K and ray tracing immersion, while others will sacrifice some visual quality for faster 60 FPS gameplay.

Puha mentioned they are still fine-tuning exactly how Alan Wake 2’s performance mode will function. It’s unclear if it will lock 60 FPS or simply target improved rates. Also unknown is whether Xbox Series S will receive the option due to its lesser hardware capabilities.

Exploring The Oceanview Hotel In Alan Wake 2

Regardless, the confirmation is welcome news for fans eager to return to Alan Wake’s disturbing world. Being able to tailor the experience to fit gameplay tastes makes the sequel more accessible and engaging. The horror title had to initially be pushed back from its initial release to avoid the the hectic fall calandar.

The game had a massive reveal at the recent Gamescom 2023 event last month where a big gameplay trailer was revealed. The hype for Alan Wake 2 is at an all-time high and fans cannot wait to play the sequel when it arrives in literally a months time to the day.

As cinematic single player titles push graphical boundaries, performance options help avoid excluding players preferring responsiveness over flashy upgrades. Remedy granting flexibility caters to both camps.

Further specifics on the game’s performance mode will come later as launch nears. But its addition gives Bright Falls newcomers and veterans alike another way to immerse in the creepy Pacific Northwest town and thrilling story awaiting this fall.

Alan Wake 2 makes its way to Windows PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 27th.

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