Remedy Sheds Light on Scope of Max Payne Remakes

Max Payne Remakes News
Max Payne Remakes News

In a new interview, Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director Sam Lake provided some insights into the studio’s upcoming remakes of Max Payne and Max Payne 2. When asked about the scale of the project, Lake confirmed it is indeed a major undertaking despite the games’ age.

Lake explained to VGC that remaking the two classics to modern standards and combining them into a single package represents significant work. He described it as a “big, big project,” suggesting the remakes will involve much more than simple remasters.

When asked if he would reprise his likeness as Max Payne from the original game, Lake playfully deferred with a “no comment!” He did not confirm or deny his continued role as the face model for the iconic character.

Will Use Remedy’s Northlight Game Engine

The remakes will utilise Remedy’s Northlight game engine, which powered the studio’s more recent titles Quantum Break and Control. This implies the visuals and gameplay will receive modernised overhauls.

Notably, Remedy sold the Max Payne IP rights to Rockstar parent company Take-Two in 2002 for $34 million. So these remakes are made possible by an agreement between the two companies.

Max Payne 3 Screen

Rockstar is funding development costs comparable to Remedy’s typical AAA productions. After recuperating expenses, Remedy will earn royalties on sales. This reflects the resource investment required to successfully overhaul the classics.

While specific details remain scarce, Lake’s comments clarify the titles are not mere ports or touch-ups. Remedy is rebuilding the seminal shooters from the ground up for contemporary hardware and sensibilities. Back in April of this year, it was revealed that the project has moved on from the concept stage to the proof-of-concept stage.

The substantial effort required illustrates Remedy’s commitment to reintroducing the neo-noir third-person shooter to modern audiences with the same hard-boiled intensity that made the franchised legendary. Whether or not Lake reprises his modelling role, nostalgic fans can look forward to reuniting with an old friend in new light.

Remedy first announced the start of development on the Max Payne remakes back in April 2022. The bundled re-releases are slated for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Source – Video Games Chronicle

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