Cities: Skylines 2 Hotfix Boosts PC Performance for Better Gameplay

Cities Skylines II Skyscraper Cinematic of City
Cities Skylines II Skyscraper Cinematic of City

Key Highlights:

  • Cities: Skylines 2 developer Colossal Order has released a performance-focused hotfix
  • The update reduces large texture sizes burdening PCs like over-detailed citizen models
  • Business simulation systems were adjusted to improve economic balance and resource use
  • An offensive in-game radio ad was removed apologising for any harm caused to players
  • Despite warnings, Skylines 2’s launch has seen widespread criticism of technical issues
  • The developer refuted viral claims the game renders every individual human tooth
  • Ongoing optimisations aim to improve LOD and light rendering for smoother gameplay

Cities: Skylines 2 Developer Works to Optimise Performance

Cities: Skylines 2 has received a major hotfix from Colossal Order targeting optimisations to improve the city builder’s much-maligned PC performance since its rocky launch.

The update focuses on changes that reduce unnecessary texture sizes burdening systems, such as the overly detailed character models. Citizens’ exaggerated textures have now been downgraded to ease the strain.

Technical improvements also include rendering prioritisation adjustments and lighting optimisations. The developer continues investigating upgrades to smooth performance.

Additionally, an offensive radio advertisement was removed apologising for any upset caused. Fan feedback will inform ongoing efforts to refine Skylines 2’s simulation.

Gameplay Systems Balanced in Hotfix

The patch notes for the fixes were posted on the official Paradox forums and can be viewed below:

Patch Notes
– Increased leisure probability to balance the “No customers” situation with commercial companies
– Improved balance of companies’ profit
– Tuned down companies ordering input resources when their storage don’t have enough space
– Fixed trade resource bug preventing some resources from being consumed
– Fixed miscalculation in college/university eligible count
– Improved conditions for companies to move away when bankrupt
– Fixed a dependency error with land value causing potential instability
– Fixed an issue where loading a new map would cause water state to get out of sync with the save data
– Slightly increased Windows emission intensity
– Optimizations for area lights
– Prefer rendering small objects after large ones when possible to improve GPU performances in some cases
– Improved shadow LOD calculations to cull irrelevant shadow casters earlier
– Reduced situations where trees and alpha clipped objects would lead to virtual texturing space running out
– Fixed citizens hanging around at park areas on regular building lots never getting inside the building
– Decreased resolution of unnecessary large character textures
– Removed Spasm radio ad (due to offensive content)
– Added missing localization ID for Paradox account linking

Alongside optimisations, Colossal Order’s hotfix adjusted Cities: Skylines 2’s business and economy mechanics to create more balanced resource production and consumption.

Notably, commercial company behaviours were tweaked so workplaces order supplies more logically based on available storage space. A bug preventing proper trade resource usage was also fixed.

These systemic refinements aim to improve the robustness and responsiveness of the sequel’s complex municipal simulation based on real-world data.

Teeth Rendering Claim Refuted by Developer

Building Roads in Cities Skylines II Editor

Colossal Order refuted viral speculation that Cities: Skylines 2’s performance issues stemmed from individually rendering every citizen’s teeth, even at a distance. This misconception originated from a Reddit post, which you can find below:

The developer clarified that character model visuals are completely detached from the underlying simulation. However, improvements to level of detail and optimisations will continue across all assets.

While exaggerated, the claim highlights the intense scrutiny the strategy title is under to deliver smoother performance befitting a modern city builder. Colossal Order acknowledges further refinement is needed for the sequel to reach its full potential.

Despite delays and prerelease warnings, the sequel’s sprawling next-generation scope has posed significant optimisation hurdles. As the first true follow-up, the game represents a major technical undertaking.

Using the Cities Skylines II Editor to Build

Smoothly rendering immense urban environments with complex dynamics and CUSTODIAN character detail is an enormous task, even with Colossal Order’s extensive experience. The devs recently revealed that the game will not feature mod support at first, but will eventually receive it at some point in the future.

While a rocky launch for such an ambitious simulation is disappointing, the developer’s transparency and commitment to improvement are encouraging signs. Even the PS5 and Xbox Series versions are currently being delayed. With further tweaks, the city builder may yet fulfil its promise as the definitive city building experience.

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The path ahead won’t be easy, but with refined technical fundamentals providing a stable base, Colossal Order can focus on elevating the incredible breadth of content and customisation that makes the strategy title special. For now, citizens may need to temper their excitement as construction continues.

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