Steam Deck OLED Announced: Improved Display and Extended Battery Life

The Steam Deck OLED Handheld
The Steam Deck OLED Handheld

Key Highlights:

  • Valve announces upgraded Steam Deck OLED model launching November 16th
  • New 7.4-inch OLED screen with HDR, 512GB/1TB storage options
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and upgraded 50Whr battery life
  • Original Steam Deck models get permanent price cuts, phasing out 64GB
  • SteamOS improvements delayed but dual boot still planned post Steam Deck OLED

Valve Unveils Steam Deck OLED Upgrade With Enhanced Display and Battery

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Valve has revealed an enhanced version of its popular Steam Deck handheld gaming PC. Dubbed the Steam Deck OLED, it brings noticeable upgrades to the display, battery life, storage and more while retaining the core power and portability.

Slated to launch November 16th, the OLED model sports a vibrant 7.4-inch HDR-capable OLED panel versus the original’s 7-inch LCD. Resolution remains 1280 x 800 but the panel type itself brings major improvements to contrast, colours and viewing angles.

Two storage tiers will be offered – 512GB and 1TB NVMe SSD options, a big step up from the 64GB base model of the original Steam Deck. Wi-Fi 6E delivers faster and more reliable wireless connectivity.

The battery also sees a nice boost, up from 40Whr to 50Whr. Valve claims this translates to 3-12 hours of gameplay per charge, covering both lighter 2D indie titles and more demanding 3D AAA games.

How Does Pricing Compare?

The Steam Deck OLED carries a price premium over the outgoing base model:

  • 512GB – £479.00/$549 (original $529)
  • 1TB – £569.00/$649

Meanwhile, the existing LCD Steam Deck has undergone permanent price reductions:

  • 64GB – discontinued
  • 256GB – now £349.99/$399 (originally $529)
  • 512GB – now £389.00/$449 (originally $649)

Once sold out, the 64GB and 512GB LCD models will no longer be replenished. The OLED refresh occupies the higher storage tiers going forward.

SteamOS Improvements on the Horizon

Valve designer Lawrence Yang says that though SteamOS upgrades have been temporarily backlogged, focus will return to delivering meaningful improvements throughout 2023.

Top priorities include finalising a dual boot solution to run SteamOS and Windows in parallel, which remains highly requested by users. Currently limited dual boot support only allows switching between the two OSes.

SteamOS 3 promises full integration once ready. Enhancements will provide more flexibility for installing apps outside the digital distribution platform and running alternative game launchers.

OLED Version Still in Short Supply

Steam Deck OLED Handhelds Showcase

As with the original, Valve cautions that OLED Steam Deck stock will be highly constrained at launch, with limited availability through the end of 2023.

Quantities are expected to ramp up moving into 2024. But early adopters face potential wait times depending on reservation order date.

The OLED refresh keeps the handheld in a strong competitive position among rivals as its specs align with premium alternatives like the Aya Neo Air Pro.

For those seeking max portability without sacrificing PC gaming power, the Steam Deck remains tough to beat. The OLED upgrade only expands its lead.

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