World of Warcraft Patch 10.2 Unveils Emerald Dream Rares – Map Included

Guardians of the Dream Cinematic in WoW
Guardians of the Dream Cinematic in WoW

Key Highlights:

  • World of Warcraft reveals map of rare spawns in new Emerald Dream zone
  • 18 of 24 rares included, others are elite bosses requiring groups
  • Defeating rares rewards currencies, achievements, cosmetics and gear
  • Druid players can unlock new customisation options from certain bosses
  • Separately, players can earn a battle pet by playing Warcraft Rumble mobile game

World of Warcraft Map Pinpoints Rares in Emerald Dream – Rewards Revealed

The newest World of Warcraft content update has introduced the ethereal Emerald Dream zone, packed with rare spawns for players to discover. To aid the hunt, Blizzard has provided a handy map marking the locations of most of these valuable rares.

Added in Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream, the Emerald Dream offers an array of activities and challenges. Rare elite mobs are sprinkled across the zone, many providing unique encounters and lucrative rewards.

An official map highlights the spawn points of 18 of the 24 total rares. The remaining six are elite bosses requiring a group to take down.

What Do Rare Spawns Offer?

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The highlighted rares run the gamut from standard boss fights to clever mechanics drawing on WoW lore. They reward adventurers with currencies to spend at vendors, gear upgrades, and progress towards in-zone achievements.

Ten rares must be defeated to complete the meta-achievement “Adventurer of the Emerald Dream,” granting a title and tabard.

Several also have a chance to drop Druid class-specific loot, like new customisable Cat and Bear forms. Druids have dozens of new looks to earn through gameplay like rare hunting.

For all classes, coveted cosmetic rewards are up for grabs too. The treasure “Reliquary of Goldrinn” contains the Forest Lord’s wolf cowl transmog helm, usable by any class.

Strategies to Track Down Elusive Rares

WoW Guardians of the Dream Opening Cinematic

With so much on the line, players will be keen to pin down every last rare as efficiently as possible. The map provides a handy starting point to scout locations. Beyond that, here are some tips:

  • Change realms to switch up rare spawn chances
  • Join custom groups to be notified of sightings
  • Enlist addons like SilverDragon to track kills
  • Circuit the zone on efficient routes to cover all bases
  • Be ready to drop everything when a rare is called out

It may take luck and persistence, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Companion Pet Added via Mobile Game Promotion

On top of the new zone, WoW players can score a free battle pet through the new Warcraft Rumble mobile title. By defeating the early boss Hogger, Gnomelia Gearheart is unlocked for your WoW pet collection.

Gearheart is the mascot of Warcraft Rumble, a tower defence-style strategy game featuring familiar faces like Thrall, Jaina and Illidan. It recently launched alongside BlizzCon 2023.

The pet is granted for beating Hogger, an iconic early game foe who terrorised newbies in Elwynn Forest. Clear him in Warcraft Rumble, and Gearheart will be waiting in WoW.

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It’s a quick, fun way to grab another companion, and extra motivation to give Warcraft Rumble a try. Completing the Hogger fight also unlocks a Hearthstone card back inspired by the mobile game.

With major patch 10.2 still fresh, WoW players have plenty to keep them occupied for now. The Emerald Dream rare map provides invaluable guidance to make the most of the new zone and its treasures.

World of Warcraft is only available on Windows PC.

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