First Gameplay Trailer For Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch Drops

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Key Highlights:

  • Official gameplay trailer revealed for Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch
  • Shows off story cutscenes and key characters like Eleazar Fig
  • Switch version launching November 14th after delays to optimise port
  • Day one update will require additional 8GB download for physical and digital

First Hogwarts Legacy Switch Gameplay Trailer Showcases Magic and Mystery

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After a long wait, Nintendo Switch players have finally gotten their first glimpse of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay courtesy of a new trailer. The open world Harry Potter prequel is set to launch on Switch November 14th, and the footage provides a teasing overview of the magical adventure that awaits.

Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Games, Hogwarts Legacy first released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in February 2022. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions followed in May after some delays. The fantasy title has absolutely dominated the 2023 charts and has been a massive success.

But the Switch port was held back further to allow additional development time for proper optimisation. Now with the release date nearing, the first official trailer for the handheld version has arrived.

A Look at Characters and Story

Hogwarts Legacy – Magic Awaits Trailer Cutscene

Titled “Magic Awaits,” the trailer is focused entirely on story cutscenes rather than showing direct open world gameplay. It provides an introduction to several key characters that players will encounter at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond.

These include professors Abraham Ronen, Eleazar Fig and Dinah Hecat, scheming student Victor Rookwood, goblin Ranrok, and more. The footage hints at an impending conflict between good and evil forces that the player character will become embroiled in.

Fans get a taste of the narrative and tone, teasing the mysteries, emotional relationships and magical threats they’ll uncover as a fifth year Hogwarts student in the late 1800s.

The graphics and visuals display noticeable improvements over previous Switch titles, though some compromise is expected for the port. Early impressions suggest the polish has exceeded expectations so far.

Day One Update Required

One key piece of information alongside the trailer is that Hogwarts Legacy on Switch will require a significant 8GB day one update. This is for both physical and digital copies as revealed by the Portkey Games official support page 2 days ago as of the timing of this writing.

The physical cartridge itself contains approximately 7GB. But users will need to download the additional patch data before playing. An extra 1.5GB is also required per added language pack.

So digital buyers should ensure they have around 15GB of free space accounting for the main game and update. Physical buyers will need over 8GB open even with the cartridge.

It’s a large update, but should provide vital fixes and optimisations for the best experience. And there’s still time to clear space before the November 14th launch.

Hogwarts Legacy Coming November 14 For Nintendo Switch

After a long wait, Switch owners will finally get to create their character, choose their Hogwarts house, attend classes, tame magical beasts and uncover secrets when the fantasy RPG title hits the platform.

The much anticipated pre-order bonuses have already been disclosed and there’s plenty to like including a free bonus Onyx Hippogriff mount.

The trailer should succeed in casting a spell over Nintendo players eagerly awaiting their own magical school adventure. While PlayStation owners gain access to an exclusive quest, the core experience remains intact for handheld users.

The long-running hype surrounding Hogwarts Legacy should make it one of the biggest releases coming to the handheld hybrid this holiday season. Come November 14th, Switch users can expect to lose countless hours roaming the halls of the famous wizarding school and beyond.

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