Hogwarts Legacy: 7 Battle Arena Tips to Outmatch Your Opponents

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Looking for some much needed battle arena hints and tricks for Hogwarts Legacy? Well we’ve got you covered in this article as we go through 7 of the best tips that will take you to the next level.

hogwarts legacy gameplay 1

Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Guide

Hogwarts Legacy is an impressive and expansive game that has captured the attention of gamers around the world. Despite its massive scope and scale, the game has been remarkably free of bugs and technical issues, which has contributed to its overall success. However, there is one area where players have expressed some disappointment: the limited number of battle arenas available in the game.

Currently, there are only three battle arenas in Hogwarts Legacy, which allow players to face waves of enemies across different locations on the map. However, only two of these arenas are available in the standard game, while the Dark Arts Battle Arena is exclusive to the Deluxe Edition. This has left some players feeling that the game is somewhat lacking in content in this area.

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Thankfully, players have been finding ways to master these existing battle arenas, and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of DLC content that may include more arenas to battle in. In the meantime, they are using a variety of strategies and tactics to overcome the challenges presented by these arenas and emerge victorious.

While the lack of battle arenas in Hogwarts Legacy may be disappointing to some players, it is important to remember that this is just one aspect of a game that is rich in content and full of exciting gameplay. From exploring the vast and detailed world of Hogwarts to learning new spells and abilities, there is no shortage of things to do and discover in this game. As such, players should not let this one issue detract from their overall enjoyment of Hogwarts Legacy, and instead focus on all the amazing things that the game has to offer.

Helpful Battle Arena Tips


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Curses play a vital role in Hogwarts Legacy, and players have the option to win battles without resorting to unforgivable curses. However, mastering dark arts talents can give players an edge and allow them to incorporate cursing into their battle strategy. Talents like Blood Curse, Enduring Curse, and Curse Sapper can significantly enhance a player’s arsenal.

These talents can deal damage to all cursed opponents when a single one is hit, help players regain health upon killing cursed opponents, and prolong the duration of curses. Other dark arts talents enable players to curse opponents with different spells, making it easier to inflict massive amounts of damage by cursing the entire field in a battle arena.

Combine Spells

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It should be self-evident, but combining spells can be an incredibly effective way to deal immense damage in Hogwarts Legacy’s battle arenas. While players may be enticed to cast multiple spells at numerous enemies, the best method for surviving a wave in the arena is to concentrate on finishing off one enemy at a time.

If players can defeat an adversary with a quick barrage of spells while avoiding the attacks of other foes, they will be better equipped and have a better chance of enduring. Sticking to one adversary until they are no longer a threat, especially the dark wizards who will frequently unleash their own perilous spells, is sound advice for anyone undertaking a battle arena. Iconic spells such as expelliarmus are particularly useful for just disarming certain dark wizard adversaries.

Start Using Consumables

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One of the more unusual methods used by players to defeat large groups of enemies at once involves some of the consumable items available in the game. As an example, the Chinese Chomping Cabbage can provide significant assistance by fiercely attacking enemies and is part of a highly effective build.

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Different flora can also come in handy when handling multiple foes in Hogwarts Legacy battle arenas. One such plant is the Mandrake, which possesses properties that make it a useful asset. In terms of potions, Wiggenweld’s serves as a critical component for healing players during the battle arena. Thunderbrew potions are also potent due to their ability to generate a thunderstorm that inflicts damage on all opponents within the vicinity of the player for thirty seconds. When Room of Requirement talents augment the potency of these consumables, gamers can achieve victory in the arena without needing to cast any spells.

Put Emphasis On Protego

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Starting battle arenas early on in the game is not highly recommended as it is better to wait until players have accumulated talent points and acquired far better skills. If you want to take on large numbers of enemies in battle arenas, you’ll need to focus your talent points on more important things like improving protego.

Defensive protego spell can deflect most (not all) attacks from the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, but timing your perfect blocks is so crucial. Core talents such as Protego Absorption, Protego Expertise, and Protego Mastery can help players counterattack when blocking against attacking enemies. Additionally, players can use stupefy on attacking enemies blocked with protego automatically, so core talents like Stupefy Mastery and Stupefy Expertise can be beneficial. In battle arenas, players face multiple enemies, and temporarily removing some of them from the battle can be highly advantageous. Protego is an incredibly underestimated spell in Hogwarts Legacy so don’t sleep on it.

Use Stealth

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Using stealth might seem impossible in a situation where enemies are solely focused on killing the player, but it can actually work in Hogwarts Legacy. Gathering the four available stealth talents is essential, as the in-game stealth is otherwise ineffective. Once users have levelled up all of this, they should put it to good use in the battle arenas. Disillusionment can be particularly useful at the beginning of a wave, especially the first one, as it gives players a chance to use petrificus totalus and take down enemies quickly.

Use Ancient Magic Hotspots

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In battle arena situations, the ancient magic meter fills up quickly as players use spells. Basic casts are particularly effective for this purpose, and players can drop and fill the meter at a rapid rate. Instead of saving ancient magic for the toughest enemies, a clever strategy is to use it on medium-strength enemies such as dugbogs or strong dark wizards.

These enemies are not only numerous but also challenging to defeat. When facing a large number of enemies, players should bear in mind that their biggest challenge is the sheer quantity of foes. Thus, taking out enemies with the power of ancient magic is preferable to slightly weakening a strong opponent. Players should also utilise ancient magic hotspots to increase the amount of their meter that can be filled at once.

Throwing Cabbage

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Throwing cabbage is so underrated, if you check out the Reddit forums and YouTubers who play the game you may have noticed they recommend this highly. Speaking of recommendations, why not check back here regularly and make this site your number one stop for all content, news, tips and tricks for the beloved Harry Potter game. We’ll be posting a lot more guides in the near future so never miss an update and bookmark this website in your favourites today.

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