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Hogwarts Legacy: A Guide to Defeating Loyalist Commanders

Hogwarts Legacy Loyalist Commander Guide
Hogwarts Legacy Loyalist Commander Guide
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One of the key weaknesses of Loyalist Commanders in Hogwarts Legacy is their vulnerability to certain types of spells. In particular, they are weak against spells that have a strong Knockback effect. Spells like Expelliarmus or Confringo can be very effective against Loyalist Commanders as they can knock them off balance, interrupting their attacks and giving the player an opportunity to strike back.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Loyalist Commanders are often surrounded by groups of Goblin soldiers, so it’s important to take out these minions first before focusing on the Commander. This will give you more room to maneuver and avoid attacks while also limiting the Commander’s ability to summon reinforcements.

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Finally, it’s worth noting that Loyalist Commanders can be stun-locked if hit with a barrage of spells, leaving them open to further attacks. Combining spells with melee attacks can be a powerful strategy to take them down quickly.

By keeping these tips in mind, players can effectively take on Loyalist Commanders in Hogwarts Legacy and emerge victorious against Ranrok’s forces. In this guide we’ll take you step-by-step so you can use exploits to beat them.

Step-By-Step Guide

Loyalist Commanders Offensives

hogwarts-legacy loyalist commander attack

Loyalist Commanders in Hogwarts Legacy have two main offensive moves, a physical hammer strike and a blast of Ancient Magic. The first attack is a two-part combo where the Commander swings their hammer at the player, which can be blocked, followed by an unblockable slam attack. Players can avoid this by blocking the initial hit and then dodging the second attack.

The second move is an Ancient Magic spell, similar to the fiery or electric blasts of other enemies like Ashwinder or Poacher Executioners. The Commander will charge up the spell by twirling their hammer, causing a red glow to appear under the player. This attack cannot be blocked, so players must dodge to evade the area of effect.

Loyalist Commanders Countermeasures

Hogwarts Legacy Loyalist Commander Defenses

Loyalist Commanders have a defensive purple shield that can only be broken by spells of matching colour. This means that spells like Accio, Depulso, Descendo, and Flipendo are most effective against them. Additionally, Loyalist Commanders’ small size makes them vulnerable to spells like Levioso, though it won’t break through their shields.

Their Weaknesses

Loyalist Commanders in Hogwarts Legacy are a formidable foe that players must face. They wield powerful weapons and are protected by a purple shield while charging their Ancient Magic blast, which makes it impossible to use Expelliarmus to interrupt them. However, there is one major weakness that players can exploit. If they can block the initial strike from the Loyalist Commander’s leap attack, they can use the Force Spell Descendo while the Commander is still in the air to slam them down to the ground and defeat them instantly. This move turns a once powerful enemy into an easy target.

In addition to Descendo, players can also use other spells such as Petrificus Totalus to defeat Loyalist Commanders. It is also important to note that leaving Loyalist Commanders alive can be beneficial when dealing with a large number of enemies, as their Ancient Magic blast can damage other enemies in the area. By utilising their spells and taking advantage of their weaknesses, players can successfully defeat Loyalist Commanders. Being prepared with Descendo whenever the Loyalist Commander starts their leap attack will take an otherwise powerful enemy and make them trivial.

Another effective way to defeat Loyalist Commanders is to use Petrificus Totalus if the player manages to sneak up on them. Ancient Magic is also a good option to take out these high-priority targets. In situations where there are a lot of enemies, leaving Loyalist Commanders alive can be strategic as their Ancient Magic blast damages other enemies in the area.

Make sure to check out our dedicated Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks page that will have all the content to help you in the game and check back regularly as the page will be updated quite often.

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