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Unlocking Secrets: The Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Guide
Hogwarts-Legacy Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Guide
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The adventure mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy are nothing short of extraordinary and distinctive. The Castle grounds and the encompassing areas are a treasure trove of concealed secrets and enthralling puzzles. The complexity of these puzzles varies, influencing the bounty they yield. However, players can expect a wealth of rewards from most puzzles, including Gears, Galleons, various items, potions, or furniture pieces.

hogwarts legacy viaduct bridge puzzle guide

One puzzle that particularly stands out for its bountiful rewards is the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge in Hogwarts Legacy. It gifts players with three treasure chests upon completion, one of which is a coveted Legendary chest right at the end. Nestled within the formidable Hogwarts Castle walls, this puzzle provides an unexpected bonus – immunity from sudden enemy attacks. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through exactly what to do. If you are not a reader but more of a watcher, we got a video tutorial here too.

Cracking the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Conundrum in Hogwarts Legacy

To unravel the mystery of the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, gamers need to ignite the four Braziers and align their Roman numerals correctly. This enigma lies within the Great Hall section of Hogwarts Castle, adjacent to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame.

To set the Braziers ablaze, players need to master a Fire Spell, such as Incendio in Hogwarts Legacy. This can be achieved by completing Professor Hecat’s initial assignment, which involves:

  1. Triumphing in two rounds of Crossed Wands.
  2. Successfully executing a round of Spell combination practice with Lucan Brattleby.

Once these tasks are completed, players can return to Professor Hecat’s classroom to learn their first Fire Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Equally, It’s worth mentioning that Incendio isn’t the only Fire Spell that can be used to solve this puzzle – any Fire Spell should suffice.

To determine the correct Roman numeral for each Brazier, players need to inspect the grate on the bridge floor. This feature holds the key to the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge puzzle in the game, as it displays each symbol’s specific Roman numeral on its plate. Subsequently, wizards should examine the symbol beneath each Brazier.

The symbols correspond with the following Roman numerals:

Roman NumeralsAssociated Symbols
ITriangle with lines
IICrescent moon with a line
IIITriangle with a circle
IVDiamond with an X

Engaging with each Brazier allows players to assign the correct symbol to its corresponding number. However, attempting to interact with any Brazier before igniting them will prove fruitless.

Finally, successful resolution of the puzzle triggers the grate’s mechanisms, opening a cavity in the bridge. This cavity leads underneath the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge, where gamers will find two standard chests either side and a Legendary Chest at the end on the left.

Video Tutorial (Secret Viaduct Courtyard Bridge Puzzle)

The above video should clear it all up for you and help you out a bunch. It’s worth noting that players can use the save trick in Hogwarts Legacy prior to opening any of the reward chests if they’re seeking a specific Legendary Gear. Make sure to check out our full Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough if you want more tips on the game.

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