Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin’s Cloak and the Professor Ronen Set – A 2nd Chance

Hogwarts Legacy Merlins Cloak
Hogwarts Legacy Merlins Cloak

Hogwarts Legacy players are in for a treat with a second chance to win Merlin’s Cloak and the exclusive Professor Ronen Cosmetic Set. Avalanche Software, the game’s creator, has shown its responsiveness to player feedback, especially regarding concerns around limited opportunities to secure Merlin’s Cloak, and they’ve also surprised fans with the addition of new in-game content.

The ‘Legacy Live’ Stream: A Platform for Rectification

Avalanche Software initially planned only two opportunities for players to acquire Merlin’s Cloak, during the pre-launch and main release streams of Hogwarts Legacy. However, the studio faced criticism for overlooking different time zones and the fact that both streams were held on weekdays. In response to player feedback, Avalanche hosted another stream, “Legacy Live,” offering fans another shot at Merlin’s Cloak. Additionally, they introduced the Professor Ronen Cosmetic Set, a unique array of in-game apparel, including glasses, gloves, an outfit, a robe, a tasseled kufi, and a scarf.

Avalanche shared the exciting news on Hogwarts Legacy’s official Twitter account, announcing a new “Legacy Live” scheduled for June 1st. The Twitch stream will kick off at 5 pm UK time/9 am PT, and players need to tune in for a minimum of 30 minutes to qualify for the free DLC. Once the required viewing time has been met, a notification will pop up, confirming receipt of Merlin’s Cloak and the Ronen set. It’s important to note, however, that only players with a linked WB Games account will be eligible for the giveaway.

The Importance of a Linked WB Games Account

The previous “Legacy Live” stream took place on May 5th, coinciding with the release of Hogwarts Legacy for PS4 and Xbox One. This marked the beginning of a new series of Twitch Drops, concluding on June 1st. Besides Merlin’s Cloak, fresh cosmetic items have been added as rewards for viewers tuning in to not only “Legacy Live,” but also any streamer broadcasting Hogwarts Legacy gameplay with Twitch Drops enabled.

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It’s highly likely that more chances to grab unique cosmetic items and Merlin’s Cloak are in the pipeline. With Nintendo Switch fans eagerly awaiting the game’s November release, Avalanche is expected to extend similar opportunities to this player base, perhaps with a sprinkle of newly-minted cosmetic items to sweeten the deal.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows PC, with a Nintendo Switch version expected to land on November 14th.

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