EA FC 24 Florian Wirtz POTM and Triple Threat Challenge 3 Solutions

EA FC 24 Florian Wirtz - Triple Threat Challenge 3 SBC Solutions

EA FC 24 SBCs Offer Wirtz POTM Card and Triple Threat Challenge Pack Reward.

EA FC 24 Florian Wirtz - Triple Threat Challenge 3 SBC Solutions

Key Highlights:

  • EA FC 24 players can complete Florian Wirtz POTM SBC in FUT
  • Wirtz won October Bundesliga Player of the Month award
  • His 87 OVR POTM card has 89 Dribbling and 87 Passing
  • Only one squad needs to be submitted to complete SBC
  • Cheapest solution costs around 25,000 coins on FUT market
  • SBC expires December 16, 2023 so act fast to get Wirtz card
  • Separately, Triple Threat Challenge 3 SBC offers pack reward
  • Straightforward requirements – min 5 same league, 5 gold, etc
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EA FC 24 players in Ultimate Team can complete two valuable Squad Building Challenges right now. The Florian Wirtz POTM SBC unlocks a special upgraded card, while the Triple Threat Challenge offers a tradable pack. Watch the above video on how to complete both in under 30 seconds!

Earning the Wirtz POTM Item

Bayer Leverkusen’s Florian Wirtz was awarded the October FC 24 Bundesliga Player of the Month for his stellar performances. His limited time 87 OVR POTM item in UT highlights his talents.

It has excellent 89 Dribbling and 87 Passing ratings suited for an attacking midfielder/CAM role. Pace and Defending are lower at 75 and 36 respectively.

Only one squad submission is required:

  • Min. 1 Germany player
  • Min. 1 player rated 86+
  • Min. 83 team rating

A solution using high-rated base cards like Trent Alexander-Arnold costs around 25,000 coins in total. Wirtz himself supplies a strong green link.

The SBC expires December 16th so act fast if you want the skilled German youngster in your club.

Triple Threat Pack Challenge

Triple Threat Challenge 3 SBC for FC 24

The straightforward Triple Threat Challenge SBC grants a tradable Jumbo Premium Gold Pack upon completion.

Requirements are:

  • Min. 5 players from the same league
  • Max. 3 players from the same club
  • Min. 5 gold players
  • Min. 1 rare player
  • Min. 70 team rating

With the right untradeable cards, this can be completed for nearly nothing. The tradable pack gives you items to sell on the UT market.

The SBC is only available until November 18th at 6pm.

Smart Investments for FUT

Wirtz and Triple Threat offer efficient ways to strengthen your UT club. The untradeable POTM card provides an elite attacking option if you are building a strong Bundesliga team. With his nationality, you should have no problem with linking him to other players from Germany.

Pack challenges give chances at valuable players and consumables to sell. Completing affordable squad building challenges stacks your club over time.

EA FC 24 has regular Prime Icon SBCs too, where there’s a chance to pull a Zico or Eusébio. Combine value SBCs with objectives, squad battles, WL rewards and more to keep improving and get those coins stacked up.

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SBCs that return profit or fit your team are smart investments along the Ultimate Team journey. Wirtz and Triple Threat are ideal starting points this month for pack luck and club boosts. Check back often for more EA FC 24 tips and news.

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