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FIFA 23 90+ Icon Upgrade SBC: A Detailed Walkthrough

FIFA 23 90+ Icon SBC
FIFA 23 90 Icon SBC 1
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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has launched the 90+ Icon Upgrade SBC, a tantalising Squad Building Challenge that potentially offers players an incredibly powerful card. An appealing aspect of this challenge is its repeatable nature, allowing participants to engage twice this week while the event lasts. The FUT Icons card series, possibly the most formidable promotion in FIFA 23, has gathered much attention.

Celebrating football legends of yesteryears, the promotion flaunts a roster of the game’s most esteemed players. These cards sport high ratings, making them highly coveted amongst players.

This guide aims to assist you in completing the 90+ Icon Upgrade SBC, offering an analysis to help decide if the Squad Building Challenge is a worthy pursuit.

90+ Icon Upgrade SBC could gift FIFA 23 players with highly-rated cards

The Icon series is renowned for its top-tier cards. The promotion has witnessed thematic enhancements throughout the year, debuting new versions for players during the TOTY, FUT Birthday, and other promotions.

These cards, with their splendid stats, are always in demand amongst FIFA 23 players. Moreover, the current Squad Building Challenge could potentially yield a card from any of these promotions.

Players need to accomplish three distinct tasks to complete the 90+ Icon Upgrade SBC and secure one of these cards. Below are the specifications for the challenge and the corresponding rewards for each individual task, along with an approximate cost estimation.

Task 1: 84-rated SquadTask 2: 86-rated SquadTask 3: 87-rated Squad
Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11Number of players in the squad: Exactly 11
Squad Rating: Minimum of 84Squad Rating: Minimum of 86Squad Rating: Minimum of 87
Reward: 1x Electrum Players PackReward: 1x Small Rare Mixed Players PackReward: 1x Prime Electrum Players Pack
Estimated Cost: 27,500 to 30,000 FUT CoinsEstimated Cost: 68,500 to 70,000 FUT CoinsEstimated Cost: 90,000 to 100,000 FUT Coins
across all platformsacross all platformsacross all platforms

Video Guide For 90+ Icon Upgrade SBC

If you want to find out the group of players that you need to fill in each SBC then you can watch the following video. Just make sure to pause for each squad so you can take notes of which players to choose.

Potential Rewards from the 90+ Icon Upgrade SBC

Full groups reward: 1x 90+ PRIME/TOTY/FBD/Trophy Titan Icon Pack (Untradeable)

If you haven’t already, make sure to complete the Marco Reus SBC before the time expires if you’re building a Bundesliga team.

At present, FIFA 23 players attempting the challenge might need to invest a hefty sum of about 190,000/200,000 FUT coins in fodder. It goes without saying that it is recommended to complete all tasks to optimise their returns. Despite the steep price, the individual tasks are not overly complex and have straightforward requirements, which means players won’t need to spend much time completing the entire SBC.

As for the rewards, the group reward guarantees a high-rated Icon card from any of the past promotions in the game. Hence, the 90+ Icon Upgrade SBC is likely to be a worthwhile endeavour for FIFA 23 players seeking to bolster their FUT squad with a strong card.

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