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Black Ops 2 Apocalypse

Final Black Ops 2 DLC “Apocalypse” Announced

The final Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC pack has been announced and it’s called Apocalypse! The Apocalypse downloadable content will be released first on the Xbox 360 later this month, and then other major platformers will also receive it once announced by developers Treyarch. The fourth installment of downloadable content will include a […]

Black Ops 2 Vengeance PS3

COD: Black Ops 2 Vengeance Hits PC and PS3 Today

The third expansion to be released for hugely popular shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will now break the Xbox 360 exclusivity. The Vengeance DLC has been available on Microsoft’s console for a little over a month now, but it’s been launched on the PC and PS3 machines today. So owners of any of […]

Black Ops 2 Paladin Camo

New Black Ops 2 Personalisation Packs Hit Steam

Treyarch have released two new personalisation packs on Steam for their hugely successful shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The designs of both the pair can be viewed below. The Cyborg Pack The Cyborg pack is a weapon from the future and is basically identical to the Paladin pack in many ways. The Paladin […]

Black Ops 2 Free XP Weekend

Black ops 2 Double XP Weekend June 28 – July 1

To celebrate the release of the Vengeance DLC on July 2nd next week, Treyarch Studios are offering players a double XP weekend starting this Friday 28th June at 10am PDT and ending on July 1st 10am PDT. The free XP weekender is open to any platforms, so it doesn’t necessarily matter if you don’t own […]

COD Black Ops 2 Vengeance

New Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Replacers Trailer

Treyarch have today, released a brand new never before seen trailer that showcases all the new content that players will see from the upcoming DLC expansion pack for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance. Vengeance will become the third expansion to be released for the latest COD title. It’ll make it’s way to Xbox […]

Black Ops 2 Revolution PS3 Trial

Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC For PS3 Free Trial Weekend

The Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC for PlayStation 3 is completely free to download and play this weekend, thanks to a free trial. Players will be able to get unrestricted access to the Zombies campaign and four additional multiplayer maps. A trial that was similar to this one was tried and tested […]

Call of Duty Vengeance

COD: Black Ops 2, Next DLC Called Vengeance

There’s already been two massive downloadable content packs released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but now there’s been some news and insight into the next DLC pack. Some leaked promotional materials suggest that the latest installment of downloadable content will be called Vengeance. Rumours and gossip also claim that it’ll come with four […]

COD Ghosts Into The Deep

Call of Duty Ghosts Into The Deep Gameplay

Activision have been rather busy today with their E3 showcase of the upcoming COD :Ghosts shooter. They’ve just premiered the first official gameplay footage at their very own E3 show. The whole show lasted around about the half hour mark but the first piece of footage was rather interesting. They showed a video of an […]

Black Ops 2 Dragon Pack

COD: Black Ops 2 Dragon And Cyborg DLC Out Now

Hugely successful shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has recently received two brand new personalisation packs named Cyborg and Dragon. The packs were shortlisted and chosen as part of a special in-game COD fan poll. The newly arrived content will include playercards, reticules, skins and a whole host of new weapons to cause more […]

COD Ghosts Xbox One

Call of Duty: Ghosts For PlayStation 4 Confirmed

Infinity Ward has finally confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be on it’s way to the Sony PlayStation 4 this fall. The game was originally scheduled for release on current and next-gen consoles. However, Activision and Infinity Ward had failed to confirm if the title would make it’s way to the PS4 until yesterday. […]