New DLC For Black Ops 2 Revolution Leaked Online

Black Ops 2 Revolution
Black Ops 2 Revolution
Black Ops 2 DLC Revolution

On the COD forums in the last day, there has been a promotional photo that has leaked out the brand new DLC for Black ops 2. The DLC bo2 pack will be named revolution and will offer gamers 4 all new multiplayer maps and one additional zombies map.

The new multiplayer maps will be called Mirage, Grind, Hydro and downhill respectively. It has been brought to our knowledge that the map named Hydro will have a dam as it’s location. So there is a lot of expectation and excitement especially for this individual map.

The downhill map will have a snow setting applied to it so players will be eager to also try that one out. The mirage map will be set on location somewhere in China, the city, town or village is yet to be named.

There will also be a new weapon introduced called the Peacekeeper SMG which will be a breath of fresh air and a welcomed acquisition. The Black Ops 2 revolution DLC map will release on the Xbox 360, PS3 and lastly the PC consoles. The pack is expected to go at a retail price of just $15 and we will have more information on this story very soon.

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