PES 2014 Looks Promising

We know that PES 2013 has only just been released not that long ago the other month and we acknowledge that. We did want to brief you and bring you up to date on the latest video game news regarding PES 2014 though.

Konami the game developers have said that the new gaming engine that the popular football game will be getting is second to none with regards to graphics. They are saying that it is spectacular and this is solely based “we think” because the game is due to be released on the PS4.

Now this has to be a main reason as to why the graphics are going to be considerably improved. Kei Masuda who is the leading games developer at Konami has said that they will revamp the entire graphics foundation to suit Sony’s PlayStation 4 version and have ultimate effect.

He also added that he wants players to be able to inject themselves into the game and make it feel like they have the football at their feet. PES 2014 is poised to have a number of new features when it is scheduled for it’s release date sometime in the fall of next year.

One of the features that is being mentioned is a special player engine which would in turn be used to track real players movements. This would be amazingly realistic as most hardcore football fans know how certain players move on the pitch.

If they were to see them move in the exact same way in the game, then this would be very exciting for the gamer who’s playing. Also a sensor camera is being discussed which would allow for people to scan themselves and have their very own matched body put into the game itself.

We will have more on PES 2014 as the news develops over the course of the next 12 months or so.

PES 2014

PES 2014 Looks Great!

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