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The Gundog Open Beta Begins

Gundog Game

OGPlanet have today announced that their third person shooter game (Gundog) has started beta testing. The game is being developed by Innoceed, which involves stray dogs and puppies into the world war timeline which is completely populated by canines.

A very strange but unique story, but the game still makes for a fun enjoyable play never the less. There are some card game elements that are in the game, and also tactical teamwork shooting mechanics too. The cards enable you to acquire extra skills and unlockable characters.

Players can choose which side they want to play along with and stick to their decision with no turning back.The available characters to choose from are a sniper, medic and rifleman. GunDog has plenty of exciting maps to play through as well as a variety of different game modes.

The official website has the download link and all the additional information that you’re going to need.

Gundog Game
Gundog Game

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