Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Dated

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine

Poketwatch Games have announced that their four-player stealth action game Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine will be released on Xbox Live and Steam later this month. The games is also due out on the MAC and Windows PC with other platforms to probably be announced in the future too. This stealth-based action game combines elements of strategy, teamwork, and thrilling heist gameplay. With its retro visual style and engaging mechanics, Monaco offers a unique and immersive gaming experience for players seeking an adrenaline-pumping cooperative adventure.

Gameplay and Cooperative Experience

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine revolves around planning and executing heists in various iconic locations, from banks to mansions and casinos. Players assume the roles of different character classes, each with their own unique abilities and skills.

The game truly shines when played cooperatively, as up to four players can work together to overcome challenges, share information, and execute complex strategies. Communication and coordination are key as players must navigate the environment, avoid guards, and disable security systems to successfully complete each heist and escape with the loot.

Strategic Stealth and Variety of Missions

Stealth is at the core of Monaco’s gameplay. Players must carefully observe guard patrols, evade security systems, and utilise distractions to outsmart their adversaries. The game rewards strategic thinking, encouraging players to plan their actions and adapt to changing situations.

With a wide range of missions offering varying objectives and challenges, Monaco keeps players engaged and constantly on their toes. From stealing valuable items to rescuing captured allies or making daring escapes, each mission presents unique obstacles that require different approaches, ensuring a fresh and dynamic gameplay experience.

Distinctive Retro Visual Style

The title features a visually appealing retro pixel art style, reminiscent of classic arcade games. The vibrant colours and charming character designs add a nostalgic touch to the gameplay, enhancing the immersive atmosphere. The top-down perspective allows players to fully appreciate the intricately designed environments, bringing the heist-filled world of Monaco to life.

The pre-orders have been available for gamers to get the game in advance since December 2012. Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine will arrive on XBLA via Majesco.

The likely exact date for release will be the 24th April, but just in case that date is wrong, check back and we’ll post the details straight onto the site.

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine

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