Next-Gen Xbox Controller Won’t Be That Different

Rumours circulating around the Internet this week regarding the next-gen Xbox controller have been in high numbers this past week. Many of the gaming gossip columns state that the next gen Xbox controller won’t be that at all different compared to the current Xbox 360 controller.

Apparently, the shape will remain exactly the same and all of the buttons that go along with it too. Microsoft have actually decorated all of the new controllers that were given out to sources, so that they would know who would leak the images if that were the case.

A very clever idea, one that will surely be adapted by other gaming giants when they hand out testers of their featured products in the future. As soon as we have any pictures of the next gen Xbox controller, we’ll post it straight on the site for our readers to check out.

Next Gen Xbox Controller

What will the Next Gen Xbox Controller Look Like?

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