Xbox One Records Final 5 Minutes of Gameplay

Microsoft have exclusively revealed today that by using the machines DVR feature, the Xbox One is capable of recording the last 5 minutes of gameplay.

Xbox One News

Xbox One News

Ken Lobb who’s the creative director for Microsoft studios told GameSpot at Comic-Con: “So we have a ring buffer game DVR, basically. So the last five minutes of any game you’re playing is always being stored locally on your hard drive. ”

He went on to say: “It’s called Project Upload. So the idea is you’re always recording.”

Upon announcing the DVR feature way back in the month of May, the digital giants didn’t give out any details on whether or not the next generation console would record game-play or not.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is however capable of recording a massive 15 minutes of gameplay towards the end of recording. This is something that will be of an interest to video gamers around the world. It is yet another bonus of purchasing Sony’s next-gen console over Microsoft’s as well.

When users are playing online, they’ll be able to say out loud “Xbox Record” and the machine will instantly start recording the players game-play. Players will have the option to customise their video by adding voice-over commentary and even images via Kinect.

The PS4 and Xbox One will be launching this fall 2013 and potential buyers will have to note that there maybe a shortage of consoles initially.

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