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F1 2013 Won’t Require An Online Pass

F1 2013 Online Pass

Codemasters have revealed via their online blog, that F1 2013 won’t require an Online Pass in order to access the game’s multiplayer. The 2012 title used a VIP Pass that locked the online functionality, the developers have announced that the feature will be demolished in a new FAQ on their blog.

F1 2013 Online Pass
F1 2013 Online Pass

The facts and questions page also reveals that McLaren will not feature in the game as well due to exclusive development rights. A statement read: “No you do not need a VIP/Online pass to play online.”

F1 2013 will be driving it’s way to the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 on 4th October in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and October 8th in North and South America.

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