Ubisoft Launch Watch Dogs Honoured Trailer

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft have decided to launch a brand new trailer for their highly anticipated upcoming open world action-adventure Watch Dogs. The footage is entitled (Honoured) and shows some really cool in-game gameplay which includes lead character Aiden Pearce strolling the streets causing mayhem.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

The video also shows various car scenes, boats and numerous cut-scenes all put together into a 1 minute 41 second video. There’s also loads of previews of rating given out for the game by some of the top video gaming industry experts. There’s certainly a lot of hype surrounding this title ahead of it’s release.

Watch the new Honoured trailer below

YouTube video

The game takes place in a fictionalised version of Chicago and offers a unique blend of hacking, stealth, and third-person shooter gameplay.

In Watch Dogs, players assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker seeking justice in a world controlled by a centralised operating system known as ctOS. Aiden possesses the ability to hack into various electronic systems, manipulate traffic lights, security cameras, and access personal information, which he uses to his advantage in his quest for vengeance.

The gameplay of Watch Dogs combines elements of open-world exploration, combat, and hacking mechanics. Players can freely roam the city, complete story missions, side quests, and engage in various activities. Hacking is a core feature, allowing players to manipulate the environment, disrupt enemy communications, and gain an edge in combat situations.

Watch Dogs also features an innovative multiplayer component, where players can seamlessly enter other players’ worlds and engage in competitive or cooperative gameplay. This integration of single-player and multiplayer experiences adds a unique dynamic to the game.

Visually, Watch Dogs presents a detailed and immersive representation of Chicago, with a realistic depiction of its landmarks and diverse neighbourhoods. The game also delves into themes of privacy, surveillance, and the potential dangers of an interconnected world.

Watch Dogs is slated for a November 19th North American release date, and heading across Europe a couple of days later on the 21st. It”l become available for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 on those dates, and the next-gen versions will be out once Ubisoft confirm a date.

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