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New Watch Dogs Trailer Shows-off Hacking Options Feature

Watch Dogs Hacking Trailer

Ubisoft Montreal have released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open world action-adventure game Watch Dogs. The video which is entitled “Hacking Is Your Weapon” centers around lead character Aidan Pearce who’s a technically gifted hacker. It showcases the hacking options available to players for when the title launches later this fall.

By using Chicago’s CTOS network, Pearce has the ability to rob various bank accounts, hack computers, and intercept phone calls and text messages. The more he uses his gift, the more experience and better at it he’ll get. Pearce can also do side-missions if he receives crime alerts. It’ll be down to the player if he chases the criminals or not.

There’s many more features and exclusives to come in the near future, but by what we’ve heard, this game looks a dead cert to be one to look out for this year.

Watch Dogs Hacking Trailer
Watch Dogs Hacking Trailer

Watch Dogs lands on PS3, Wii U, PC, and Xbox 360 on November 19th for North America, and Europe on November 22nd. An Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version will be out in due course.

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