Watch Dogs PlayStation Exclusive Content Missions Detailed

Video game developers Ubisoft have finally released today some added information regarding the PS3 and PS4 exclusive content that are in the form of missions. A new trailer that showcases the news is available to view below, and it’s optimized for US and UK viewers.

The added content will include four extra bonus missions which all in all add up to an extra hour of gameplay in total. Players will also gain much needed knowledge of DedSec, and a Hacking Boost which is entitled Superior Capacity will eventually be acquired.

Watch Dogs Exclusive Content

Watch Dogs Exclusive Content

This in-turn will give players an additional battery slot which always comes in handy. The content will also bring a ‘White Hat’ Hacker Outfit with it too. A brief description on the four added missions can be viewed below:

The scenario takes place after Aiden Pearce, the vigilante hero of Watch Dogs, catches the eye of DedSec, a notorious hacker group fighting for freedom and security in the digital age. Aiden receives an encoded message asking him to help some members of this organization who want payback. Pearce must use his knowledge of Chicago’s complex ctOS network to discover digital vulnerabilities in Umeni Technologies’ security network and earn his reward.

Various bundles will be made available to PlayStation 3/4 owners located in Europe, which will come with all the Sony exclusive content. Watch Dogs finally heads your way on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and PS4 on May 27th 2014. For Wii U users, a version is currently in the works and will be out later on this year.

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