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Watch Dogs Exclusive Content

Watch Dogs PlayStation Exclusive Content Missions Detailed

Video game developers¬†Ubisoft have finally released today some added information regarding the PS3 and PS4 exclusive content that are in the form of missions. A new trailer that showcases the news is available to view below, and it’s optimized for US and UK viewers. The added content will include¬†four extra bonus missions which all in […]

Watch Dogs Hacking Trailer

New Watch Dogs Trailer Shows-off Hacking Options Feature

Ubisoft Montreal have released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming open world action-adventure game Watch Dogs. The video which is entitled “Hacking Is Your Weapon” centers around lead character¬†Aidan Pearce who’s a technically gifted hacker. It showcases the hacking options available to players for when the title launches later this fall. By using […]

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft Launch Watch Dogs Honoured Trailer

Ubisoft have decided to launch a brand new trailer for their highly anticipated upcoming open world action-adventure Watch Dogs. The footage is entitled (Honoured) and shows some really cool in-game gameplay which includes lead character Aiden Pearce strolling the streets causing mayhem. The video also shows various car scenes, boats and numerous cut-scenes all put […]