The Valve Steam Controller Is Unveiled, More At GDC

New Steam Controller

Valve has recently revealed that they are working on various prototypes for the latest Steam controller, and they’ll become available for the public to view them once they are on display in the company’s booth at the GDC event.

A description of the new controller is as follows:

Refines ergonomic aspects of the Controller by adding two diamond-patterned button layouts in the area previously designated for a touch screen display.

It’s being developed by Valve Corporation for use with PC gaming via the Steam platform. It was designed to provide a unique and versatile gaming experience, particularly for games that may not have native controller support.

Key features of the Steam Controller include:

  • Dual Trackpads: Instead of traditional joysticks, the Steam Controller features dual trackpads that can be used for precise and customizable control. These trackpads offer haptic feedback to provide tactile response to the player’s touch.
  • HD Haptics: The Steam Controller includes high-definition haptic feedback, which allows players to receive more nuanced and realistic tactile feedback during gameplay.
  • Customizable Controls: Players can customize the controller’s layout and button mapping for each game through the Steam interface. This allows for a tailored experience for different genres and playstyles.
  • Gyroscopic Sensors: The controller includes gyroscopic sensors, enabling motion control input similar to some console controllers.
  • Touch Screen: The center of the controller features a touch screen that can be used for various functions, including menu navigation and additional input options.
  • Compatibility: The Steam Controller is designed to work with a wide range of games available on the Steam platform, including both native and non-native controller-supported titles.

You can check out what the prototypes look like below and let us know what you think of the design by leaving your thoughts in our comments box.

New Steam Controller
New Steam Controller

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