SWTOR 2.3 Update, Titans of Industry Goes Live

Huge MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic has had a update called 2.3 go live today, BioWare announced that it’ll be entitled (Titans of Industry) and will allow players to properly engage with the forces of Czerka Corporation.

There will be two new flashpoints that will be available at level 55, and they’ll offer a new story. The experience has to be balanced for groups of 2-4 players who’re over level 40.

SWTOR 2.3 Update

SWTOR 2.3 Update

Gamers will also get first-time access to the big Tauntaun, who’s the first actual animal mount of The Old Republic. The other little tweaks include a brand new companion named Treek, the game balance has been altered for better playing, and more bug fixes have been dealt with.

Within the official announcement on the SWTOR blog, the company confirmed that it’ll be Bounty Contract Week next week as well. Star Wars: The Old Republic will be getting updates every few months and is now also a free-to-play module.

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