PS4 Recording Won’t Require PS Plus subscription

PS4 Latest News

The PlayStation 4 video game streaming and recording doesn’t require a PS Plus subscription. The president of worldwide studios for Sony (Shuhei Yoshida) confirmed this via social site Twitter.

PS4 Latest News
PS4 Latest News

This revelation follows in the footsteps of the other next-gen console (the Xbox One) receiving news this week that the Xbox One’s DVR features will in-fact require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

It was Gameinformer who saw the conversations between Yoshida and his followers where he answered all their questions. So PS4 streaming and recording has been confirmed as a free service, let us know what you make of this latest news.


For those who’re not in the know, with a PS Plus subscription players gain access to online multiplayer functionality for compatible PlayStation games. This means they can play and compete with friends and other players around the world in multiplayer modes. Online multiplayer is a key component of many popular PlayStation titles, and the subscription allows players to fully enjoy the social aspects of gaming.

In addition to online multiplayer, PS Plus members receive monthly free games as part of the “Instant Game Collection.” These games are available to download and play for as long as the subscription is active. The monthly game offerings typically include a mix of popular titles and indie gems across various genres, providing a diverse selection of games to enjoy.

PS Plus subscribers also benefit from exclusive discounts and deals on PlayStation Store purchases. Members can access special sales, promotional pricing, and additional discounts on games, downloadable content, and other digital items. These discounts can help players save money on their gaming purchases.

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Another noteworthy feature of PS Plus is the ability to store game saves and backups in the cloud. This allows players to easily access their game progress and data across multiple PlayStation consoles. It provides a convenient and secure way to back up important game files and transfer them between consoles.

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