Gamers To Pay For The Best Xbox One Features

Xbox One News

It’s been revealed today that gamers will have to fork out if they want to play and use the key features for the upcoming Xbox One console. The next-generation video game’s console is expected to go on general sale sometime in November, a couple of months down the line, although this is not official yet.

Potential Xbox One owners would have to pay an annual fee in order to get access to use features such as making Skype video calls to friends, using a service that will find various gaming opponents, and recording and sharing all of your gameplay videos via an API.

Xbox One News
Xbox One News

For all of the above, an Xbox Live Gold membership will need to be obtained and the price currently stands at around £40/$60 or there abouts. To a certain extent, PlayStation 4 owners will have to also pay for specific online services too.

With a new update to their webpages on the official Xbox website, Microsoft revealed all of the features for their next-gen machine. The page shows that current Xbox 360 and future Xbox One Live Gold account owners will need an account if they want to use either of their consoles for browsing the web via their TV, use it for online multiplayer gaming, or watch Lovefilm or similar streaming services.

Once gamers acquire an Xbox Gold account, they can also use the SmartMatch services, Skype their friends and use the OneGuide. The OneGuide is a useful little tool that basically gets to know you and what exactly you’d prefer to watch on TV. It’ll then personally recommend YouTube content and TV shows to you for you to either accept or decline.

The super-cool SmartMatch service will match gamers up with other opponents that will have similar ability, this will ensure that the match in multiplayer modes are an even contest.

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