No Plans For Street Fighter On The Wii U

Street Fighter Wii U

A Street Fighter game for the Nintendo Wii U has not been planned at all by Capcom, that’s according to executive producer Yoshinori Ono when asked about the series by a fan on social site Twitter. The full tweet can be viewed below:

The revelation today follows on from July’s announcement of Ultra Street Fighter 4, which is a major update to the popular Super Street Fighter 4. The update is set to add new game modes, stages and characters. It’ll be out in 2014, as a retail release and a downloadable content pack.

Super Street Fighter IV offers an expanded roster of playable characters, including classic fighters from previous Street Fighter games and new additions. Players can choose from a diverse lineup of fighters, each with their own unique moves, abilities, and playstyles. The game retains the core mechanics of the Street Fighter series, featuring a combination of special moves, combos, and strategic gameplay.

The gameplay modes in Super Street Fighter IV include Arcade Mode, where players battle through a series of AI-controlled opponents, and Versus Mode, where players can compete against each other locally or online. The game also features a robust online multiplayer mode, allowing players to test their skills against opponents from around the world.

Street Fighter Wii U
Street Fighter Wii U

It’s just not good news for Wii U owners if you’re a massive SF fan, as you won’t be seeing the fighting title heading your way anytime soon. Let us know if you’re disappointed, or not that bothered about the news by leaving your comments in the box designated below.

Source – VG247

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