New Dead Rising 3 CG Trailer Surfaces

A new trailer for the Xbox One Exclusive title “Dead Rising 3” has surfaced online today! Potential viewers of the video must note that the footage contains violence, gore and a lot of swearing. For viewers who’d come to expect this from a Dead Rising trailer, and are not easily offended, there’s plenty of zombie killing action to enjoy.

You’ve got IGN to thank for the trailer, as they have it featured it on their site. The video doesn’t really give out anymore information on the horror title that we don’t already know, which isn’t a lot. Nevertheless, it’s full of hordes of zombies and comes across as reasonably scary as well.

Dead Rising 3 Trailer

Dead Rising 3 Trailer

Hardcore fans of the series will definitely be excited after watching this, and you can be sure to expect to see more revealed at Gamescom this week.

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