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Dead Rising 2 Free For All Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

Dead Rising 2 Xbox Live Deal

As part of the “Games For Gold” promotion that’s going on at the moment, Xbox Live Gold Subscribers can currently download for free, a copy of zombie survival horror title Dead Rising 2 and it’s counterpart Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

Dead Rising 2 Xbox Live Deal
Dead Rising 2 Xbox Live Deal

This special offer is valid up until the date of August 31st, and gamers can get one or both of the games and not pay a single penny. You’ve just got to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and they’re both yours to own. One owned, it’s yours to keep for as long as you want it, because Games For Gold giveaways are forever, and you don’t need to return the game once you’ve not renewed your subscription.

Dead Rising 2 normally goes for £25/€29.99/$39.99 at most retailers and Games On Demand, while Case Zero normally knocks you back 400 Microsoft Points from the XBLM.

Via Xbox Official Site

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