Fable legends Announced For Xbox One

Fable Legends Xbox One

Fable legends was officially announced today at Microsoft’s very own gamescom event, and it’ll be an Xbox One exclusive as well.

Fable Legends Xbox One
Fable Legends Xbox One

In it’s pre-gamescom presser, Microsoft showed off the new trailer for the game which showed off various of Albion’s heroes, from archers, warriors and mages, which were walking through a super-cool pop-up forest world.

YouTube video

All of the heroes have a sneaky peek through the keyhole of the door and lock eyes on a giant ogre on the other side of the door. Of course, it eventually breaks free and starts attacking the small group.

Fable Legends will be a four-player co-op and is fully supported by the Xbox Cloud services as well. Whilst playing a match, one player would have complete control of the villain, and the other three players have to challenge them. The villain however, gets to set a variety of traps and enemies whilst viewing the game from a top-down perspective.

Player will have the option to use such skills as overwhelming strength, magic, archery and melee weapons. Check out the official Fable Legends trailer above, and one you’ve finished, there’s screenshots at the footer of this page to for your viewing pleasure.

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Here’s those screens that we promised you, if you’re more the type of person with great attention to detail.

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