Fable Legends For Xbox One Uses Kinect, But Focus Is On Controller

Fable Legends QA Video

Fable Legends QA Video

The motion and voice control technology of Kinect for Xbox One will be used when Fable Legends lands on the next-gen console possibly this year. It’ll only be used to help gamers with the controller based setup however. Lionhead Studios posted a brand new Q&A video that can be viewed below, where more details were explained.

Geoff Smith who’s the executive producer of the title said:

We’re looking closely at the use of voice, especially potentially with the villain mode.

The “villain mode” in Fable Legends allows players to assume the role of a Villain and take on Hero characters by issuing attack orders to your minions. As the Villain, you can even use SmartGlass on your smartphone or tablet to issue orders.

Taking control of Fable Legends through SmartGlass and Kinect will be totally optional to the player the game director David Eckelberry said.

All of those controls will be duplicated through the controller,” he said. “The controller is kind of our focus.

Additionally, Lionhead Studios lead designer Ted Timmins did reveal that some well-known celebrity’s could do some voice-overs for some of the characters in the game. Michael Fassbender, Sir Ben Kingsley, Simon Pegg, Bernard Hill and John Cleese are some of the names that spring to mind who’ve contributed their voices for characters in the series over the years.

An official release date has not yet been set by the developers, but one should be made in the next couple of months to put all you Fable fans at ease.

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