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Fable Legends QA Video

Fable Legends For Xbox One Uses Kinect, But Focus Is On Controller

The motion and voice control technology of Kinect for Xbox One will be used when Fable Legends lands on the next-gen console possibly this year. It’ll only be used to help gamers with the controller based setup however. Lionhead Studios posted a brand new Q&A video that can be viewed below, where more details were explained. Geoff […]

Fable Legends Single Player

Fable Legends Will Support Single-Player Mode

over at the Lionhead studios forums, there was a F&Q where the developers confirmed that although the title will require an always-on Internet connection, it can indeed be playable solo as well. Here’s the full facts and questions thread below: Fable Legends is being made with the Fable spirit firmly in mind. However, this is […]

Fable Legends Xbox One

Fable legends Announced For Xbox One

Fable legends was officially announced today at Microsoft’s very own gamescom event, and it’ll be an Xbox One exclusive as well. In it’s pre-gamescom presser, Microsoft showed off the new trailer for the game which showed off various of Albion’s heroes, from archers, warriors and mages, which were walking through a super-cool pop-up forest world. […]