Fable Legends Will Support Single-Player Mode

over at the Lionhead studios forums, there was a F&Q where the developers confirmed that although the title will require an always-on Internet connection, it can indeed be playable solo as well.

Fable Legends Single Player

Fable Legends Single Player

Here’s the full facts and questions thread below:

Fable Legends is being made with the Fable spirit firmly in mind. However, this is not a continuation of the previous Fable games, especially when it comes to the chronology. It’s a brand new series of adventures at the dawn of an age of Heroes.

Fable Legends is the only Fable core game in development, and we have no plans to make a sequel to Fable III. However, in Fable Legends you’ll find many of the great features of Fable I, II, and III have been carried forward in our game’s design. That means the world of Albion, exciting stories, quests, humour, light-hearted action, and memorable characters.

Regarding the all important single-player side of things, it wrote the following:

In Fable Legends, you can enjoy all of the game’s content in a single player experience.

You can play with other people in a four-player cooperative experience. Your party could be all human players, or a mix of players and AI-controlled Heroes. You can switch easily between single player and multiplayer styles of play whenever you decide, or when a friend signs on. During a quest, you can elect to battle a human or an AI Villain.

As a Villain, you can challenge parties of human players, AI opponents, or mixed groups.

So far, a release date for the highly anticipated game has not yet been set by Lionhead Studios. The title was previously announced at Gamescom 2013 for the Xbox One, and was welcomed with open arms by the game’s hardcore following of fans. Beta testing is expected to start at some-point in early 2014 next year.

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