The Xbox One Release Date Revealed

Microsoft have officially announced that their next-gen Xbox One system will be released on the 22nd of November 2013.

It will launch in over 13 markets, which includes North America and it’ll be arriving just over a week after the Sony PlayStation 4 is released on the 15th. The pricing has also been sorted out, with it retailing at £430 in the UK, €500 in Europe, and $500 in the USA.

Xbox One Release Date

Xbox One Release Date

The Standard edition will include a controller, a chat headset, and a new Kinect sensor, with other basic accessories such as a Quick Start guide, power supply and a HDMI cable. European residents can get a free copy of FIFA 14 when they pre-order the Day One edition as well.


  1. That is Awesome, I want to check out its controller, I am just crazy about it

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