Xbox One Wireless Controller Priced Up

Xbox One Wireless Controller
Xbox One Wireless Controller
Xbox One Wireless Controller

For those of you who might feel that you’ll be in need of a spare controller this fall, the official Microsoft store has now revealed that the Xbox One wireless will cost you £44.99/$68.

A play and charge kit will cost you £19.99/$30 individually, and a bundle containing the charge kit and a controller will require you to pay £59.99/$90. The headsets will also be priced at £19.99/$30 which is more than reasonable.

All Your Xbox One Controller Needs

It features a comfortable and ergonomic design, with a familiar layout of buttons and analogue sticks. It is designed to fit well in the hands of players, allowing for extended periods of comfortable gameplay.

The controller utilises wireless connectivity, enabling players to connect it to their Xbox One console without the need for any physical cables. It utilises Bluetooth technology for wireless connections, allowing for seamless pairing with compatible devices such as Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

The Xbox One wireless controller includes a range of buttons, triggers, and bumpers for various gameplay functions. It features a precision D-pad for accurate input, responsive analogue sticks for smooth movement, and tactile buttons for precise control.

The controller also includes additional features such as vibration feedback, which enhances immersion by providing tactile feedback during gameplay. It has a built-in headset jack, allowing players to connect compatible headsets directly to the controller for in-game audio and voice chat.

Furthermore, you’ll get compatibility with other Xbox accessories, such as play and charge kits for extended battery life, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller for accessibility needs.

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Overall though, we want to know what our readers make of these prices that have been set by Microsoft for the next-generation video games console. Leave us your reply’s in the comments field below.

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