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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Present Day Screens

AC 4 Black Flag

An interesting selection of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag screenshots have appeared online today, but it’s not what you’re expecting! To date, there’s just been images released of the pirate days and Edward Kenway in particular. Now though, there’s a bunch of screens that show the present day for the very first time.

AC 4 Black Flag
AC 4 Black Flag

The shots are mostly of the Abstergo headquarters in a modern day setting, with the offices and reception in full view. The fans will no doubt get stuck into the pictures to try and get clues about what the game’s storyline is about. In one of the images, there’s a variety of post-it notes that are glued to a desk.

The images came about a present day Q+A over on the Assassin’s Creed Twitter account.

You can view all of the brand new screenshots below in our gallery that we’ve put together for you. More leaks on info and game-play are expected in the coming weeks ahead, so make sure you keep up to scratch and check back with us daily.

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