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Step into the World of Dungeons & Dragons with New Minecraft DLC

minecraft dungeons dragons 1
dungeons dragons

An upcoming expansion for Minecraft will include a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, including famous creatures, classes, and locations from the popular tabletop RPG.

Players can select a class, access classic spells, and make ability checks while navigating familiar locations and confronting monsters such as mimics, beholders, and other creatures. The adventure begins with D&D being played on a tabletop, before the player is transported to the Forgotten Realms, where they can explore well-known places from the Sword Coast and Icewind Dale.

Players may select from four classes: wizard, paladin, rogue, or barbarian, that each will possess powers and unique abilities that can be used in real-time combat. As they progress, they can level up, boost their stats, gain new abilities, and equip various gear and equipment, all of which is managed via a menu system that organizes skills and inventory.

Among the monsters included are beholders, displacer beasts, gelatinous cubes, gold dragons, mimics, and other creatures.

minecraft dungeons dragons 1

Players will engage with NPCs, encountering them during exploratory expeditions and travel between cities and villages. When interacting with NPCs, there may be multiple choice options, and players may need to roll a d20 to determine the success of actions such as attacks, persuasions, or other interactions.

Check out the brand new trailer below, it’s just over a minute long but should get Minecraft fans excited and more teasers will no doubt be released in the coming weeks ahead.

The Dungeons & Dragons expansion will provide approximately 10 hours of gameplay and will be released for Minecraft on all platforms during the spring season. Let us know your thoughts by using the comments box at the footer of this page.

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