PUBG: Battlegrounds April Fools’ Special: Big Chicken Returns and Zombies Invade

pubg battlegrounds 1
pubg battlegrounds 1

PUBG, the popular battle royale game, is back with a new mode just in time for April Fool’s Day. Dubbed Bizarre Battle Royale, the mode offers players a chance to face off against zombies, exploding apples, and a colossal chicken. The mode is available until April 10.

This marks the fourth year in a row that PUBG has introduced a special mode for April Fool’s Day. In Bizarre Battle Royale, players can earn OP coins by defeating zombies, which can be used to purchase OP items like a sensory booster that allows them to spot enemies through walls. Meanwhile, the giant chicken, which can breathe fire like a dragon, drops valuable OP items when defeated.

If players participate in Bizarre Battle Royale at least once, they will receive a Bizarre Survivor Emblem. If they play the mode five or more times, they will be rewarded with a Hunter’s Chest/Key.

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In previous years gone by, the game has introduced three April Fool’s Day modes for players to get stuck into. The first was Fantasy Battle Royale way back in 2020, then POBG in 2021, and finally Monster Chicken Royale in 2022 last year.

PUBG recently celebrated its sixth anniversary and released several interesting statistics, including the fact that over 150 million unique users have played the groundbreaking game.

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