PUBG Joins Forces with Street Fighter 6 In Epic Crossover

PUBG x Street Fighter
PUBG x Street Fighter

Krafton’s famed shooter, PUBG: Battlegrounds, is embarking on an exciting collaboration with Capcom’s iconic Street Fighter 6. In the world of battle royale games, PUBG: Battlegrounds gained prominence, and despite fierce rivalry, it has remained an active force, regularly refreshing its gameplay for its loyal fanbase.

PUBG: A New Chapter with Street Fighter 6

Currently in its 24th season, PUBG: Battlegrounds has rolled out update 24.2, introducing an array of tweaks and interesting new additions. Notably, the update includes a refreshed Arcade Mode allowing concurrent operation of numerous game modes. Coupled with a novel rewards and reputation system, and the thrilling Bluebomb Rush mode, this update adds some spice to the game. What’s more, to keep the adrenaline flowing, PUBG: Battlegrounds has incorporated cross-promotion into its marketing mix.

PUBG Survivor Summerfest

The much-awaited crossover between PUBG: Battlegrounds and Street Fighter 6 is here. Krafton is stepping up their game, merging the characters of Capcom into their battle royale through aesthetically appealing skins. Street Fighter 6, which has become a sensation in the fighting game universe, will see its characters Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, and Luke integrated into PUBG: Battlegrounds. Available for purchase in PUBG’s store from July 26th to September 20th, these skins are yet to be priced by Krafton. Chun-Li is the star of the show, featuring both her classic and the latest look from Street Fighter 6.

The Street Fighter 6 and PUBG Crossover: What Gamers Should Expect

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These Street Fighter 6 skins are part of the latest July update for PUBG: Battlegrounds’ store. In addition to this, PUBG: Battlegrounds is launching a new line of skins dubbed ‘Marine Makeover’, and the striking ‘Atlantis DBS’ skin that adds a touch of oceanic flair to players’ artillery. To demonstrate that PUBG: Battlegrounds doesn’t limit itself to skin crossovers, the store is set to feature a new emote inspired by Fly Project’s dance track, “Toca Toca”, in July.

PUBG: Battlegrounds has a history of special events & collaborations, having partnered with popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Dead by Daylight. These partnerships not only invigorate the PUBG community but also open doors to potential new players. For Street Fighter 6, this isn’t unexpected news, given its previous collaborations with Exoprimal and the popular anime series Spy x Family.

PUBG: Battlegrounds can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and is available now for all the gaming enthusiasts out there.

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