Elden Ring Gets Latest Update 1.09.1

Elden Ring Patch Notes
Elden Ring Patch Notes
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Elden Ring players can now download the latest update, version 1.09.1, on all platforms. The update, released by FromSoftware, addresses additional bugs and implements a balance change to the game. Since its initial launch in February 2022, the game has received numerous updates aimed at resolving bugs and continuously tweaking the game’s balance.

The title has received various updates since its February 2022 release, with some patches introducing new features like the Colosseum update that enables PvP combat in the game’s arenas. Additionally, a recent update added support for ray tracing, although its implementation received mixed reviews from users. FromSoftware has now released a relatively small update, version 1.09.1, that primarily focuses on fixing bugs and includes a balance change for the game.

Numerous Glitches Addressed

Bandai Namco brought to light that update 1.09.1 for Elden Ring includes a balance change, hotfixes, and a note on ray tracing for the PC version. The update fixes a bug that was causing some spells in the game to not receive the proper application of attack power from certain incantations, weapons, skills, or items. Additionally, it also addresses a bug related to the Contagious Fury skill of the Jellyfish Shield that caused it to keep increasing attack power even after unequipping or switching to a different weapon.

Finally, the patch reduces the poise damage inflicted by Morgott’s Cursed Sword’s Cursed-Blood Slice skill. While some previous updates to Elden Ring had added new features, such as the Colosseum update, and support for ray tracing, this particular update is relatively small in scale. A tweet was sent out that gave the news of the update and the patch notes were also included in the post.

In the patch notes, the following section discusses the activation of the ray tracing feature on PC, which is now enabled by default under certain circumstances, as confirmed by Bandai Namco. The company advises players to turn off the ray tracing feature from the in-game menu if they experience any issues and make sure to meet the minimum system requirements for this feature, as well as updating their graphics driver.

While relatively small compared to previous updates, the release of patch 1.09.1 for Elden Ring aims to provide a smoother gameplay experience for fans by addressing various bugs.

It is worth noting that FromSoftware has announced a new expansion for Elden Ring called Shadow of the Erdtree. While not much information has been shared regarding this downloadable content, other than the fact that it is currently being developed, fans will have to wait for news about its pricing and the amount of content it will bring. When the expansion eventually arrives, players can likely anticipate a more extensive list of updates and changes to come alongside it for Elden Ring.

Patch Notes: Bug Fixes & Gameplay Changes

  • Addressing an issue where certain Skills, Incantations, Items, and Weapons that boosted attack power didn’t apply to Spells and Incantations.
  • Another bug that’s now fixed is related to the Skill Contagious Fury from the Jellyfish Shield, which used to continue increasing attack power even when users unequipped the shield or switched to a different weapon.
  • Additionally, poise damage of the Cursed-Blood Slice Skill of Morgott’s Cursed Sword has been reduced.

Ray Tracing Feature

  • You can turn off Ray Tracing in Elden Ring if it’s affecting your gameplay by accessing the title menu or in-game settings and selecting System → Graphics → Set Ray Tracing Quality to OFF.

If you experience issues with starting your game or if it becomes unstable when Ray Tracing Quality is set to Low/Medium/High/Maximum, please take the following actions into consideration:

That’s the highlights but for the full list of patch notes head over to the official website and check back here regularly to GLN for the latest gaming news.

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