Elden Ring Inspires Fan to Create Malenia Sculpture from Paper

Elden Ring Malenia Prosthesis
Elden Ring Malenia Prosthesis

The runaway success of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has sparked a wave of creativity within the game’s passionate fanbase. Propelled by numerous Game of the Year wins, Elden Ring’s vivid world of mythic grandeur has proven highly inspirational to players. Recently, one artistic fan spotlighted their painstaking recreation of Malenia’s famed prosthetic arm and winged helmet out of humble paper. It is but one of many tributes born of reverence for Elden Ring’s visual splendor.

Exploding onto the scene in early 2022, Elden Ring garnered effusive praise as a defining entry in the ‘souls-like’ action RPG genre. Its pioneering open world full of hidden threats and rewards was hailed as a revelation. Elden Ring’s demanding yet rewarding combat and empowering character builds also earned acclaim.

Paper Masterpieces: Recreating Malenia’s Prosthesis and Helmet

A talented Redditor by the username of giijoo showcased their phenomenal paper recreations of Malenia’s Prosthesis and helmet from Elden Ring. Their post titled “I made Malenia’s Prosthesis and Helmet out of paper!” quickly gained traction, earning over 400 upvotes as of this writing on the official Elden Ring subreddit.

Fans were blown away by the level of detail and skill demonstrated in giijoo’s models, made entirely out of paper.

“Holy crap, nice job!”

commented one user

“Wow these are amazing! Serious OP, you have some real talent.”

Another remarked

When asked about their creative process, the user explained how they used 3D modelling software to design the patterns before printing them out, cutting them, and painstakingly assembling them by hand using glue. They also provided progress pictures documenting the journey from digital model to finished paper sculpture.

Other commenters likened the players papercraft to making ornate clothes for paper dolls as a kid, but elevated to new heights with 3D modeling technology. The original poster also teased additional images of character Ranni’s helmet made using the same method.

The Malenia and Ranni models are not u/giijoo’s first video game papercraft undertakings either. They previously constructed a highly detailed Cleanrot Knight model and shared it on the social media platform as well. Their talents have earned significant praise, with many fans declaring the works “museum quality”.

These fan creations demonstrate the inspiration Elden Ring provides, sparking creativity in those who enjoy the game. The sculptures are a testament to the passion and imagination within the Elden Ring community. Their Malenia prosthesis and helmet built purely from paper are truly extraordinary.

Source – Reddit

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